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You tease, and you flirt, and you shine all the buttons on your green shirt [11 Feb 2008|02:44pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


Course it would've made more sense to do a book-signing in a bookshop, but where's the fun in being predictable? I promised it to Caley forever ago, she gets first dibs on everything I do that needs promoting. I'm off round the bookshops at the weekend.

Hand's aching like fuck, I swear I've NEVER signed so many autographs in my life. >.< Wanking hand, too. Oh well, that's what Lois is for. >:D

(I think... I dunno. Might not be so bad having a girlfriend. I like her. She's not all pushy, though, she's got her own mates, she doesn't want to be round me all the time. It's good. I dunno. My head's all a mess. I like her. It's a bit weird, though. How do you make someone your girlfriend? "Hey, you wanna be my girlfriend?" That's a bit adolescent. She's nearly thirty. SHE'S MESSING UP MY HEAD OH GOD. But. I'm shutting up now. We'll see how Thursday goes. I fucking hate Valentine's day, I'm NOT getting all soppy, not even for her, but I'm gonna take her out flying or something.)

Okay, coffee-break over. The baying mob's not gone down at ALL. Suppose we can stop worrying about it not selling, then. :D! That's a relief. All the money's going for Meg and Barry's charity, I'd hate for it not to do well. I don't give a fuck how many people actually read it as long as people BUY it.

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[31 Jan 2008|08:56pm]
[ mood | good ]

I don't think I like birthdays past 21. Kind of feel like I'm meant to be a real grown-up now, and that's shit.

Martine won the Best Birthday Present game. She knows the inside of my head too well. :D Bit disturbing, that. I'm wearing the green one for my book release party next month. There's no WAY I'll get in one of those "oh no he's wearing the same shirt as me!" situations with that, AHAHA.

Um. Nothing's really going on. I'm busy, but it's good. Can't wait for summer, proper world tour. It's been far too long, I need a holiday. Doesn't really count as a holiday, but still. Getting out of London for a bit to somewhere I'm NOT forced to shovel horse shit for hours on end.

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[24 Jan 2008|08:20am]
[ mood | hyper ]

BURNS NIGHT TOMORROW. And I'm gonna get Aidan back in a kilt if it FUCKING KILLS ME. Tell him he's not allowed for dinner if he doesn't. Which... isn't exactly true but we all know it'd make the old man happy, so why not?

Why's my family all like Aileen? o.O What happened to family loyalty? Anyway, she's invited too. I was gonna make her doll up in all the gear as well but I THINK my grandad only likes her 'cause her hair's the same colour as my granny's was and he fancies her. Dirty old shit. So probably best not to. I might tell her it's fancy dress and see what happens there, HAHAHA.

Owls everybody he knowsCollapse )

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[18 Jan 2008|07:58pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Thinking weird stuff. Dunno what. Kind of. Girls and stuff. Girlfriends. Don't want a girlfriend, I like snogging lots of people. But I don't want her to have a boyfriend. That's not fair, is it? So I was thinking horrible Valentine stuff, dunno, should take her out for dinner or something, but that's a bit full-on. :/ She might think she's my girlfriend then. But. I dunno. I wanted to get in, just in case some other fucker asks her out and she says yes.

My head's a mess.

It's well early, too. WEEKS away. I just got a panic, all suddenly.

Fucking well better not be in love, I'm not in the mood for that wank again.

ANYWAY. Birthday first! Dunno what I'm doing. Obviously I need a party, but I don't know what's going on.

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[09 Jan 2008|06:36pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Back at Avalon, boooooo. Or NOT booooo, really, I'm having a wicked time. I mean, Arithmancy can suck my arse, still, but Transfiguration is brilliant, I get on really well with everybody in my class, I'm the professors' darling because they don't get their hands on that many Animagi. Oh, yeah, and I'd walk over hot coals and broken glass for MILES to get to the nasty treacle pudding they've got in the canteen. :D Horrible stodgy crap but I can't get enough. Have to get Bonky on reproducing that, he used to be Head of Catering there, he should know their secrets.

I think Bethany's sorting out a book-signing tour for next month. I'm shitting myself a bit about it now, I keep thinking it was the WORST IDEA POSSIBLE and I want to give back all their money and say they're not allowed to publish it but I suppose it's too late now. >.< Eh. Less shit-inducing: she's ALSO sorting out a proper world tour for summer. Nothing that massive, I think just as many capital cities as we can fit in before I die of exhaustion. So kind of massive, then, really. I just mean not staying too long in the same place, I've not been PROPERLY around the world in ages, I'm about due another go. Not too sure what I'm doing yet. We need a proper meeting. I do want it big, I think. I mean pyrotechnics and funny lights and stuff. Dunno. I'll think on it properly when I've got a minute, but it needs sorting soon, we need to start getting everything together and I need to start practicing (and shopping for stage clothes and stuff, oh no :D). This last wee tour's not been EPIC, it's been mostly smaller shows with some stadiums scattered through. I want EPIC. Last EPIC I did was with the band, I want to prove I can carry it off on my own. (Fucking hope I can, though. >.<)

Bowman's brilliant. :D :D :D I said I wanted one then Meg made me look after him for a whole day, shitty nappies and throwing up and all, trying to put me off, but it's not. I don't mind shit and sick, he's only wee, it's not like he's doing it on purpose. (Although I'm trying to train him to piss in Kirley's eye, because that'll be CLASS.) Still want one. Not really, though, because I bet they're only fun til you remember you're not allowed to give them back. I like looking after him, though. I'm good with babies! :D They love me. (Same mental age or something says Kirley, oh HA HA HA.) But Lennox and Maisie are being a bit grumpy because everybody's all over the baby so I told them they were allowed to come and stay this weekend... should tell Aidan and Aileen that, actually, in case they want to piss off for a dirty weekend or something, or at least hide anything they don't want scribbed on in felt pen.

UMMMMM what else? Nothing much. My mother's not talking to me 'cos she put weight on over Christmas and I didn't even though I chain-ate like I used to chain-smoke for about three weeks without a break which I don't think's very fair. DON'T HATE ME BECAUSE MY METABOLISM'S BETTER THAN YOURS! I didn't choose it!

*wraps up in coat and hat and scarf and gloves, grabs Dory's lead, yells to anybody in the house who might be listening* 'M TAKIN' DORY OUT, YOU WANNA COME?

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[04 Jan 2008|07:05pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]


I went to Obscurus to give them my book the week before Christmas and now I've just had an owl saying it's getting released in a few weeks. O.O The weekend before Valentine's day, god knows why. Dunno if that's a coincidence or they're planning to market it like fucking Casanova's Diaries or something. Which... okay, so maybe that makes sense. >:D

Les dates à Paris ce soir et demain. Should be cool. The Paris crowds are NUTS. They're a bit protective and possessive, like I'm theirs. XD

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[01 Jan 2008|12:03am]
[ mood | giddy ]



*ambushing anybody polite enough not to tell him to fuck off*

's... 's NEXT YEAR now! 's a DIFFERENT YEAR! So cool, 's like bein' in th'FUTURE! Where's m'hat? M'hat's done a runner, fuckin' hell, who's nicked m'HAT? OH, 's there, 's okay, 's keepin' watch on m'beer...

*knocks a half-empty beer bottle flying when he grabs at his horrible joke hat with mistletoe dangling off the top on a piece of wire*

Who's... who's... fuck ME, everybody's fuckin' taken, y're all bastards, how come y're all married?

*falls onto his Spongebob chair with a new bottle of beer and squints at the clock, intending to time how long it takes for somebody to give him a pity-snog*



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Would you laugh at me if I said I care for you? [16 Dec 2007|07:13pm]
[ mood | quiet ]

.Collapse )

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All I Want For Christmas Is Gerard Way [14 Dec 2007|06:44pm]
[ mood | hyper ]


No more getting up at the arsecrack of dawn until 7th January!




I mean, I've stuff to do over the holidays, hardly any fucking holiday at all, all this stupid reading and shit to do. BUT! I can do it in the AFTERNOONS and the EVENINGS and MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, because weekday mornings are for SLEEPING.

Transfig's cool, there's loads to do in that as well but I'm coping okay, it's good fun and I like everybody in my class AND I get to show off because it's what I'm best at (I mean, transfiguration is what I'm best at but I'm not bad at showing off, either), BUT ohfuck Arithmancy is a BALLACHE. >.< Course I knew it was gonna be tougher than Hogwarts, but I never expected THIS MUCH READING AND WRITING. It's killing me. I don't think I'm the academic type. HAHA, WHO'S SURPRISED? Transfig's different, a lot of it's actually DOING STUFF, not just writing writingwritingwriting ENDLESS WRITING. I can DO it, it's always made sense in my head, I was always good at it, but JESUS there's a lot of writing. >.< And there's no Professor Myers to keep me interested. I've left it a bit late to drop it, too. :/ But I don't REALLY want to drop it, I'll look like a big stupid failure then. People need to back off and leave me alone and stop nosying in my business. I can't really jack it in now, then all the people who've been going "OH, he's not serious, it's publicity, he doesn't really mean it, he just wants attention!" then they'll get all fucking smug and I-told-you-so. No thank you. I'll show the fuckers. It's only another year and a half. I can take it like a man. Just ask Myers, ahahaha.

Christmas Shopping Extravaganza begins tomorrow morning, 9 on the DOT. I'll be outside the shops banging on the doors to be let in. :D And I WON'T STOP until kicking-out time on Christmas Eve. Oh, wait, I'll have to, I'm off to seduce Will's mum at those parties. And Lennox says we've to see his school concert or he'll never speak to us again. Okay, but they're the ONLY breaks. Drastic measures, and all that. Usually I'm half-finished by now, I've been Christmas-shopping since about August. Not this year, I've done NOTHING. Shameful.


*goes out for a run in the park*

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[10 Dec 2007|07:21pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Oops. I get the feeling Aidan's kind of in a mood with me. Oh well. He's got eyes, he's male, he's seen her. Surely he understands? Maybe? I dunno. Keeping it in the bedroom from now on, though. (Or trying to, but if she jumps on me halfway up the garden path again I'm making no promises. >:D)

BONKY'S HOME! Never realise how much I need the wee man until he's not here. And how fucking lazy I'm getting. XD Never have to do washing, never have to tidy my bedroom, never have to cook (unless it's a fry, that's the only thing I can do better than him) and it's brilliant because he LOVES it, it's not like he's a poor mistreated slave, the thing in the world that makes him happiest is ironing our underwear. XD I love him, he's staying FOREVER. Aidan's sensible enough to get by on his own, but I don't think I could function without him now. Always do my own shopping, though! SURPRISE. We need food. I was gonna go to Sainsburys, I wanted to pick up some DVDs as well as a peace-offering (not porn!) but it's all cold and miserable out, I can't be arsed trudging through Muggle London with carrier bags. At least the places this side of the cauldron've got floo bays.

*Changes, floos to the supermarket*

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[08 Dec 2007|11:47pm]
[ mood | oh god. ]

I don't want mine moving in as well, but I like when she visits. >:D

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[06 Dec 2007|08:33am]
[ mood | awake ]

Last concert before Christmas is this Saturday. We've got a wee run in Paris the first half of January, then that it until summer. This one's really just been premiering the album, the proper world tour kicking off in... June? I think? When it's properly settled in people's heads and I can just go and prance about and do loads of stuff from all the albums, not have to work on making people think this new one's the best ever and they need to buy it for everybody they know for Christmas. I still can't be arsed with all the hotels and partying and stuff, though. Hotels, maybe. Partying, I dunno. WHAT'S THIS? AM I GETTING OLD? Honestly, lately I'd just rather sit at home (with ONE GIRL, not one billion) watching telly and getting Bonky to make me cake. I'm gonna get so fat, it's disgusting, Meg's gonna murder me when she sees the state I'm in. XD Healthy diet: OUT THE WINDOW! Still, I've not started smoking again. Nearly a year now. o.O SO weird. Feels like forever. Anyway, you can't do all that healthy living shit over Christmas. Friday 14th's last day at Avalon, which gives me... ten days of INTENSE SHOPPING. That'll work off the mince pies and pudding. :D

Owl for MartineCollapse )

My grandad's nagging about church already. I'm think I'm gonna go Hindu or something, since "atheist" seems to be in a funny language he doesn't understand. That'll shut him up. Or get me disowned or murdered, I dunno.

(Not not NOT not thinking about having to share my house with HER. If I ignore it, then it's not true!!!)

There's still bare space on the walls and ceilings that aren't covered in tinsel. Must fix this. Later. I'm knackered after last night (ears are still ringing, they scream loud in Appleby because they know I'm shagging one of theirs and it makes them hopeful XD) but Bonky woke me up with cake for breakfast and I can't get back to sleep. Should probably finish work, I'm in at eleven. BAH, ARITHMANCY. Why the fuck did I do this?

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[03 Dec 2007|07:35pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

*charms half a red and gold tinsel wreath crown to Han Solo's head*

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[22 Nov 2007|07:16pm]
[ mood | busy ]

HAHA, I thought it was the contact-high from the pothead roadies when I got home but no, it's Aidan. XD Living room looks BRILLIANT, I've brought my inflatable Spongebob chairs in from my studio, they fit now, they're over near Han Solo. My mother came round for something, got one look, and went, "No fuckin' way'm settin' foot in this house ever again!" and made me go round hers instead. XD She thinks she still needs to come round and do my washing and stock the kitchen cupboards so we don't starve to death or die from pizza-induced heart disease or something, she forgets we've got an elf now.

STILL #1 in the album chart and top 5 in singles.\m/ Need to start thinking about what's up next. Not whatever Ciar decides to cover (AHAHAHA COOL now I want to do one of his next time he comes to a show), but I dunno what.

Finished my transfig stuff, so it's nothing but reading tonight. The Greek Qabalah: Alphabetic Mysticism and Numerology in the Ancient World, and it's about six inches thick. >.< Eh well, it's only a chapter.

(Secret: the clown with the tearaway face still gives me fucking awful nightmares. Shh. Shouldn't listen to this when I'm on my own.)

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Mama, you don't understand, every time I touch her hand it's like I'm burning in the fires of hell [17 Nov 2007|09:25pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Hahaha, SO WEIRD thinking I was playing here this time last night. XD Looks so different with a stage at the end and seats all over the pitch, it's not like the same place. It was good. Don't know why I always get so nervous. I'm always FINE the second night of tours and every other night, it's just kicking one off, I always panic I've forgotten how. It was good, though. And I like playing concerts on my own, it means I don't get shit off anybody else when I want to do self-indulgent covers. :D Opened with Don't Stop Me Now, it was MAD. That's my song! Like it was written for me. That and Lady Stardust. And Sweet Head. And, um... Adam Ant! Don't you ever stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome, Prince Charming, ridicule is nothing to be scared of. WISE WORDS, THERE. XD I need to make a list, do one every show. Generator by the Holloways. OBVIOUSLY our dirty drunken S Club 7 cover, if I can talk Orpheus into guesting one night (or more). I Love To Boogie. XD And Solid Gold Easy Action. And Hell Raiser, Teenage Rampage, SIX TEENS, Ballroom Blitz... NOT Little Willy, though, might send out the wrong message. ;) AHAHAHA, unless Will agrees to come and play one night. He played on the recordings, but he reckons he's not cool enough to come on tour (which may or may not be true, I haven't decided yet, but ONE NIGHT can't hurt). God, I fucking love the Sweet. BRING IT BACK, I SAY! It's about due another revival, that stuff, it's brilliant. Haha, I think I'll do Rock DJ, I'll be fucking awful but it could be funny, at least. And Johnny's Poses, now I'm talking to him again. I always loved that one.

(It was weird having the band there. :/ Good, kind of. I'm glad the shit's all done with, even if it's not REALLY done with. Not forgiving, no forgetting, just moving on. Good plan.)

So, I'm here again Wednesday and next Saturday, too, if the match ever finishes. If it drags on I'm... dunno, actually. Need to ask Bethany, but I know there's an alternative if the Quidditch is still on. Since it's, y'know, what this place is actually FOR.

It's fucking FREEZING. I thought I'd try being a gentleman and give Lois my hat and scarf and gloves to put on over hers because she was cold and I'm embarrassingly shit at warming charms, which is good because I'll get plenty of sex later for being Thoughtful and Lovely but bad because if MY BALLS DROP OFF I won't be much in the mood for sex, not even with her. Still working on luring her over from the Arrows. If Aidan managed it with his, I can do it with mine. Not that she's my GIRLFRIEND or anything nasty and horrible like that, but still. Shagging an Arrows fan, even a gorgeous one, is a kind of betrayal. ;) Least she's not a Magpies supporter. Fucking Magpies. If they win I think my mother's for sacking everyone on the team and throwing herself off a cliff. They can't win, not now they're top of the table and we're only third. >.< Still, half a season left to go, we can pull it back.

I want a PIE and COFFEE but I know if I move someone's gonna get the Snitch, it always happens. ARGH.

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[16 Nov 2007|07:57pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

.Collapse )

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[14 Nov 2007|11:49am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Hogwarts was fuckin' insane. XD It was brilliant, I swear to god, it was the best atmosphere of any concert I've EVER done. I always get a bit funny about touring new stuff because most of the fun's this gigantic gang of people bopping about screaming along the words and you're always worried they're not gonna like the new stuff enough to know it yet, but THEY DID. I even got yelled at for singing a line wrong. XD It was mad, it was so cool. I'm glad I did it there. Kicked if off with a proper bang. (Hahaha, just ask Professor Myers what happened after. >:D) So I'm feeling better about the main tour, now I know it's working okay. Sold-out Prides stadium, Friday night. More people to impress, more people to boo if I fuck up, but... how likely's that? Really? I'm BRILLIANT! :D

Avalon's wicked, too. I'm still not used to people just not giving a fuck who I am. I kinda feel like I should be pissed off and offended I'm not getting hassled all the time. XD But I'm not, it's great. I do get a BIT of hassle, that keeps me going. ;) But I'm there for a reason, so... it's good. I love it. I never thought I'd like it this much but I really LOVE it. It's hard, there's a LOT of work, I'm knackered all the time, I'm probably going to half-kill myself attempting a tour on top of all the work, but I'M A GRYFFINDOR! Challenges are what I do. And I'm glad I'm back in there as ME, not in a disguise. It seems really important to be able to show off what I can do. Because I'm like that. I want people to think I AM AMAZING. Not just at music and looking good, but anything else I'm even halfway skilled at, I want people to know. It's not attention-seeking, so much. Not really. I just don't like people thinking I'm thick. :/ Because I'm not.

Free afternoon, now! Not really, I've got work to do. It can wait a couple of hours, though.

*going through the shelves of Arithmancy books, trying to find the one he needs for his project*

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[10 Nov 2007|11:32am]
[ mood | giddy ]

Tour opens tonight! We're well set for it, we got tons of practice in for Bla Bheinn so it's just an extended version of that, but I'm always cacking myself a bit before because I always feel like I'm not ready. Always AM (get up and prance about under lights brandishing a guitar and screeching, EASY) but I always panic a bit. It's at Hogwarts! Should be good fun. They were planning to have it out on the Quidditch pitch and open it up to locals as well, but I wanted to just do it for the kids (and teachers, I suppose) so it's just going on in the Great Hall. Nice kinda symmetry, too - the Weird Sisters premiered their second album with a concert in the Great Hall at Hogwarts, too. :D So. Dunno. Going over this afternoon to get ready. It's gonna be weird being back.I mean, there was the reunion thing, but then EVERYBODY was there. It'll be weird just being me. They're making a big arse fuss about it, I'm Guest Of Honour at dinner and everything, it all feels a bit weird. Like all the teachers are gonna be there judging me and going "Oh, that McCormack kid, he thinks he's all that but I remember him shagging in the library and never handing his Astronomy homework in on time" or whatever. HAHAHA. THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT THE MORE FREAKED OUT I'M GETTING. I'm not bothered about the kids, I'm pretty sure they'll like it, but... me prancing about in front of WARNER yelling "TRYING TO PLEASE YOU FOR TOO LONG and you STILL kept giving me detentions you nasty centaur-shagging bitchwhore" and the rest. It's weird. I can't get used to the idea of TEACHERS having lives outside classrooms.

Well. Except Myers. >:D Hahaha. Let's see what happens there.

PROPER tour starts next Friday. I gave out big purple passes at Bla Bheinn so people can come along if they want, even though everything's sold out. I'm only doing Fridays and Saturdays, because of the weekend, and Wednesdays, becase I've got nothing til 11 on Thursdays and I'll need the lie-in. AM I CRAZY? I think I'm crazy, attempting tour AND Avalon. Eh. At least the book's finished, that's one less thing to worry about. I'm not handing it in yet, I'm leaving it ALONE for a couple of weeks without touching it then I'll go and read through when it's kinda fresh again. I'm a bit frazzled on it at the moment, if I look at it I just read "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BABBLE BABBLE BLAH" and I'm not sending it in until I know it's not shit. Probably IS. It'll take me another year to fix it. >.< WHY DO I AGREE TO ALL THIS STUPID SHIT? Anyway, the tour. It should be okay, even WITH school stuff going on at the same time. I'm not missing ANY school, I still kinda feel like I have to convince people I actually MEAN it and I'm not just playing around til I get bored, or I'm not using it as a big publicity stunt or whatever. :/ So, that's why it's only weekends and Wednesdays. And it's nothing like when I toured Nerves, I can't be arsed with all that shite again. Hotels and all-night parties and everything. It's fun for a bit, but it gets you down. I just want to play some songs then have a drink and go home to my own bed. Not saying there won't be people IN my bed. >:D But it'll still be my bed. I want... I dunno. Like tour fitting around my life, not my life getting chewed up and spat out by the tour. I've got more important things to do.

Meghan's wee man is class. :D I've been staying at home the last couple of nights, "helping". Getting in the way, really. I HAVE been helping, though. Cleaning shit off everything. Teaching him the ways of the world. It's never too early to start. He's a Bowie fan already. :D She humoured me before he was born, I used to go and sit with her and play Lady Stardust and stuff at the bump so it'd GROW IN HIS CELLS or something. That's my contribution to the wee fella, I'm his cultural guru. :D Music and clothes, that's my job. I'm gonna be the coolest uncle in the world. Lennox loves AIDAN McCLOY more than he loves me and Maisie loves Meghan best so it's only fair I get this one. I'm skiving off the Quidditch to babysit so she can get some sleep. Get him used to me being around. I don't want him turning traitor and loving Kirley best just because he lives here and I don't. I CLAIM THIS ONE. And I'm good with babies. Always have been. Because I'm the youngest out all the cousins it was always me and Guinn getting made to babysit all the others' kids. We're NATURALS. Which is kinda scary, when you think about it. XD The two people your kids listen to most because it's not cool to listen to your parents - a slutty bisexual hairdresser-tattooist and a slutty bisexual TRANSSEXUAL rockstar. The younger ones in our family are going to grow up TWISTED AND BEAUTIFUL. With really fabulous hair and taste in music. :D

Six hours til I'm off to Hogwarts. AAAAAGH. Can't get over how weird it feels. XD I still don't know what I'm wearing or ANYTHING, I've not been at home so I've not picked. I'll have to nick Meg's jeans and t-shirts. We used to be the same size (it made her sick XD) but now I actually look more or less like a bloke instead of a tall skinny pre-pubescent girl I'll have to charm it all bigger. OH, wait, I probably fit into Kirley's stuff now. Must investigate.

Poor Dory's all confused. We warded round him so he's allowed near the baby but won't go drooling all over his face or getting covered in toxic shit or anything. His got this proper O.O look on his face. XD Should take him out for a run before I go, if Meg ever wakes up.

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[07 Nov 2007|07:32am]
[ mood | !!!!! ]

*writes a message in the air outside Aidan's bedroom door and charms it to follow him around the house until he's awake enough to notice it*

Uncle Aidan! FUN'S STARTED! I've gone home to get in the way. Come if you want. Not like there's much we can do to help, but if you want. Or I'll come and get you later so you can meet him.


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[04 Nov 2007|07:34pm]
[ mood | Weird. Preoccupied. Worried. ]

DiaryCollapse )

'm doin' coffee, Aidan, y'want somethin'?

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