Adie McCormack (adiemccormack) wrote,
Adie McCormack

Mama, you don't understand, every time I touch her hand it's like I'm burning in the fires of hell

Hahaha, SO WEIRD thinking I was playing here this time last night. XD Looks so different with a stage at the end and seats all over the pitch, it's not like the same place. It was good. Don't know why I always get so nervous. I'm always FINE the second night of tours and every other night, it's just kicking one off, I always panic I've forgotten how. It was good, though. And I like playing concerts on my own, it means I don't get shit off anybody else when I want to do self-indulgent covers. :D Opened with Don't Stop Me Now, it was MAD. That's my song! Like it was written for me. That and Lady Stardust. And Sweet Head. And, um... Adam Ant! Don't you ever stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome, Prince Charming, ridicule is nothing to be scared of. WISE WORDS, THERE. XD I need to make a list, do one every show. Generator by the Holloways. OBVIOUSLY our dirty drunken S Club 7 cover, if I can talk Orpheus into guesting one night (or more). I Love To Boogie. XD And Solid Gold Easy Action. And Hell Raiser, Teenage Rampage, SIX TEENS, Ballroom Blitz... NOT Little Willy, though, might send out the wrong message. ;) AHAHAHA, unless Will agrees to come and play one night. He played on the recordings, but he reckons he's not cool enough to come on tour (which may or may not be true, I haven't decided yet, but ONE NIGHT can't hurt). God, I fucking love the Sweet. BRING IT BACK, I SAY! It's about due another revival, that stuff, it's brilliant. Haha, I think I'll do Rock DJ, I'll be fucking awful but it could be funny, at least. And Johnny's Poses, now I'm talking to him again. I always loved that one.

(It was weird having the band there. :/ Good, kind of. I'm glad the shit's all done with, even if it's not REALLY done with. Not forgiving, no forgetting, just moving on. Good plan.)

So, I'm here again Wednesday and next Saturday, too, if the match ever finishes. If it drags on I'm... dunno, actually. Need to ask Bethany, but I know there's an alternative if the Quidditch is still on. Since it's, y'know, what this place is actually FOR.

It's fucking FREEZING. I thought I'd try being a gentleman and give Lois my hat and scarf and gloves to put on over hers because she was cold and I'm embarrassingly shit at warming charms, which is good because I'll get plenty of sex later for being Thoughtful and Lovely but bad because if MY BALLS DROP OFF I won't be much in the mood for sex, not even with her. Still working on luring her over from the Arrows. If Aidan managed it with his, I can do it with mine. Not that she's my GIRLFRIEND or anything nasty and horrible like that, but still. Shagging an Arrows fan, even a gorgeous one, is a kind of betrayal. ;) Least she's not a Magpies supporter. Fucking Magpies. If they win I think my mother's for sacking everyone on the team and throwing herself off a cliff. They can't win, not now they're top of the table and we're only third. >.< Still, half a season left to go, we can pull it back.

I want a PIE and COFFEE but I know if I move someone's gonna get the Snitch, it always happens. ARGH.
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