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Oops. I get the feeling Aidan's kind of in a mood with me. Oh well. He's got eyes, he's male, he's seen her. Surely he understands? Maybe? I dunno. Keeping it in the bedroom from now on, though. (Or trying to, but if she jumps on me halfway up the garden path again I'm making no promises. >:D)

BONKY'S HOME! Never realise how much I need the wee man until he's not here. And how fucking lazy I'm getting. XD Never have to do washing, never have to tidy my bedroom, never have to cook (unless it's a fry, that's the only thing I can do better than him) and it's brilliant because he LOVES it, it's not like he's a poor mistreated slave, the thing in the world that makes him happiest is ironing our underwear. XD I love him, he's staying FOREVER. Aidan's sensible enough to get by on his own, but I don't think I could function without him now. Always do my own shopping, though! SURPRISE. We need food. I was gonna go to Sainsburys, I wanted to pick up some DVDs as well as a peace-offering (not porn!) but it's all cold and miserable out, I can't be arsed trudging through Muggle London with carrier bags. At least the places this side of the cauldron've got floo bays.

*Changes, floos to the supermarket*
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