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All I Want For Christmas Is Gerard Way


No more getting up at the arsecrack of dawn until 7th January!




I mean, I've stuff to do over the holidays, hardly any fucking holiday at all, all this stupid reading and shit to do. BUT! I can do it in the AFTERNOONS and the EVENINGS and MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, because weekday mornings are for SLEEPING.

Transfig's cool, there's loads to do in that as well but I'm coping okay, it's good fun and I like everybody in my class AND I get to show off because it's what I'm best at (I mean, transfiguration is what I'm best at but I'm not bad at showing off, either), BUT ohfuck Arithmancy is a BALLACHE. >.< Course I knew it was gonna be tougher than Hogwarts, but I never expected THIS MUCH READING AND WRITING. It's killing me. I don't think I'm the academic type. HAHA, WHO'S SURPRISED? Transfig's different, a lot of it's actually DOING STUFF, not just writing writingwritingwriting ENDLESS WRITING. I can DO it, it's always made sense in my head, I was always good at it, but JESUS there's a lot of writing. >.< And there's no Professor Myers to keep me interested. I've left it a bit late to drop it, too. :/ But I don't REALLY want to drop it, I'll look like a big stupid failure then. People need to back off and leave me alone and stop nosying in my business. I can't really jack it in now, then all the people who've been going "OH, he's not serious, it's publicity, he doesn't really mean it, he just wants attention!" then they'll get all fucking smug and I-told-you-so. No thank you. I'll show the fuckers. It's only another year and a half. I can take it like a man. Just ask Myers, ahahaha.

Christmas Shopping Extravaganza begins tomorrow morning, 9 on the DOT. I'll be outside the shops banging on the doors to be let in. :D And I WON'T STOP until kicking-out time on Christmas Eve. Oh, wait, I'll have to, I'm off to seduce Will's mum at those parties. And Lennox says we've to see his school concert or he'll never speak to us again. Okay, but they're the ONLY breaks. Drastic measures, and all that. Usually I'm half-finished by now, I've been Christmas-shopping since about August. Not this year, I've done NOTHING. Shameful.


*goes out for a run in the park*
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