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Would you laugh at me if I said I care for you?

I'm being nice to her. REALLY nice. No snapping, no bitchy comments, no dirty looks, nothing. She asked if I minded letting her have one of the empty rooms for potions stuff, and I said no I don't mind because they're just sitting there all closed up, no point having a massive fuck-off house if we only live in half of it. Then she said would we mind soundproofing it and she can use it for practicing her violin as well so's not to disturb us, and I said I'll soundproof it if she wants, but she might as well practice in my studio because that's already done up, and it's got to be a fuck lot more comfortable than trying to practice when there's bubbly bottles and reeking potions and stuff all round. She was like "Why, have you boobytrapped it?" NO I've not boobytrapped it, but that's how nice I'm being. NOBODY is allowed in my studio, but I'm letting her borrow it if I'm not there.

Because I was thinking. What's the alternative? If me and her fight too much, Aidan's gonna get sick of it and they'll get their own place. I can live without her here EASY, but... I don't want Aidan moving out. :/

So. Nice to her. New Year's Resolution, kind of. I stuck with last year's, this is no different. Breaking the habit, like with smoking. Right.
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