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You tease, and you flirt, and you shine all the buttons on your green shirt


Course it would've made more sense to do a book-signing in a bookshop, but where's the fun in being predictable? I promised it to Caley forever ago, she gets first dibs on everything I do that needs promoting. I'm off round the bookshops at the weekend.

Hand's aching like fuck, I swear I've NEVER signed so many autographs in my life. >.< Wanking hand, too. Oh well, that's what Lois is for. >:D

(I think... I dunno. Might not be so bad having a girlfriend. I like her. She's not all pushy, though, she's got her own mates, she doesn't want to be round me all the time. It's good. I dunno. My head's all a mess. I like her. It's a bit weird, though. How do you make someone your girlfriend? "Hey, you wanna be my girlfriend?" That's a bit adolescent. She's nearly thirty. SHE'S MESSING UP MY HEAD OH GOD. But. I'm shutting up now. We'll see how Thursday goes. I fucking hate Valentine's day, I'm NOT getting all soppy, not even for her, but I'm gonna take her out flying or something.)

Okay, coffee-break over. The baying mob's not gone down at ALL. Suppose we can stop worrying about it not selling, then. :D! That's a relief. All the money's going for Meg and Barry's charity, I'd hate for it not to do well. I don't give a fuck how many people actually read it as long as people BUY it.
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