Adie McCormack (adiemccormack) wrote,
Adie McCormack

Hogwarts was fuckin' insane. XD It was brilliant, I swear to god, it was the best atmosphere of any concert I've EVER done. I always get a bit funny about touring new stuff because most of the fun's this gigantic gang of people bopping about screaming along the words and you're always worried they're not gonna like the new stuff enough to know it yet, but THEY DID. I even got yelled at for singing a line wrong. XD It was mad, it was so cool. I'm glad I did it there. Kicked if off with a proper bang. (Hahaha, just ask Professor Myers what happened after. >:D) So I'm feeling better about the main tour, now I know it's working okay. Sold-out Prides stadium, Friday night. More people to impress, more people to boo if I fuck up, but... how likely's that? Really? I'm BRILLIANT! :D

Avalon's wicked, too. I'm still not used to people just not giving a fuck who I am. I kinda feel like I should be pissed off and offended I'm not getting hassled all the time. XD But I'm not, it's great. I do get a BIT of hassle, that keeps me going. ;) But I'm there for a reason, so... it's good. I love it. I never thought I'd like it this much but I really LOVE it. It's hard, there's a LOT of work, I'm knackered all the time, I'm probably going to half-kill myself attempting a tour on top of all the work, but I'M A GRYFFINDOR! Challenges are what I do. And I'm glad I'm back in there as ME, not in a disguise. It seems really important to be able to show off what I can do. Because I'm like that. I want people to think I AM AMAZING. Not just at music and looking good, but anything else I'm even halfway skilled at, I want people to know. It's not attention-seeking, so much. Not really. I just don't like people thinking I'm thick. :/ Because I'm not.

Free afternoon, now! Not really, I've got work to do. It can wait a couple of hours, though.

*going through the shelves of Arithmancy books, trying to find the one he needs for his project*
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