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Last concert before Christmas is this Saturday. We've got a wee run in Paris the first half of January, then that it until summer. This one's really just been premiering the album, the proper world tour kicking off in... June? I think? When it's properly settled in people's heads and I can just go and prance about and do loads of stuff from all the albums, not have to work on making people think this new one's the best ever and they need to buy it for everybody they know for Christmas. I still can't be arsed with all the hotels and partying and stuff, though. Hotels, maybe. Partying, I dunno. WHAT'S THIS? AM I GETTING OLD? Honestly, lately I'd just rather sit at home (with ONE GIRL, not one billion) watching telly and getting Bonky to make me cake. I'm gonna get so fat, it's disgusting, Meg's gonna murder me when she sees the state I'm in. XD Healthy diet: OUT THE WINDOW! Still, I've not started smoking again. Nearly a year now. o.O SO weird. Feels like forever. Anyway, you can't do all that healthy living shit over Christmas. Friday 14th's last day at Avalon, which gives me... ten days of INTENSE SHOPPING. That'll work off the mince pies and pudding. :D


I know we don't need an excuse or anything, but Christmas is a really really good one and so you need to come shopping with me. I'm free from the 14th on and I don't know what to get you so it'll have to be more of the same. OH NO, what a pity, I'm taking you dress-shopping in Paris, how will you ever stand it? Anyway, let me know when you're free, I know you're busy.

LOVE! Adie xxxx

My grandad's nagging about church already. I'm think I'm gonna go Hindu or something, since "atheist" seems to be in a funny language he doesn't understand. That'll shut him up. Or get me disowned or murdered, I dunno.

(Not not NOT not thinking about having to share my house with HER. If I ignore it, then it's not true!!!)

There's still bare space on the walls and ceilings that aren't covered in tinsel. Must fix this. Later. I'm knackered after last night (ears are still ringing, they scream loud in Appleby because they know I'm shagging one of theirs and it makes them hopeful XD) but Bonky woke me up with cake for breakfast and I can't get back to sleep. Should probably finish work, I'm in at eleven. BAH, ARITHMANCY. Why the fuck did I do this?
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