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Back at Avalon, boooooo. Or NOT booooo, really, I'm having a wicked time. I mean, Arithmancy can suck my arse, still, but Transfiguration is brilliant, I get on really well with everybody in my class, I'm the professors' darling because they don't get their hands on that many Animagi. Oh, yeah, and I'd walk over hot coals and broken glass for MILES to get to the nasty treacle pudding they've got in the canteen. :D Horrible stodgy crap but I can't get enough. Have to get Bonky on reproducing that, he used to be Head of Catering there, he should know their secrets.

I think Bethany's sorting out a book-signing tour for next month. I'm shitting myself a bit about it now, I keep thinking it was the WORST IDEA POSSIBLE and I want to give back all their money and say they're not allowed to publish it but I suppose it's too late now. >.< Eh. Less shit-inducing: she's ALSO sorting out a proper world tour for summer. Nothing that massive, I think just as many capital cities as we can fit in before I die of exhaustion. So kind of massive, then, really. I just mean not staying too long in the same place, I've not been PROPERLY around the world in ages, I'm about due another go. Not too sure what I'm doing yet. We need a proper meeting. I do want it big, I think. I mean pyrotechnics and funny lights and stuff. Dunno. I'll think on it properly when I've got a minute, but it needs sorting soon, we need to start getting everything together and I need to start practicing (and shopping for stage clothes and stuff, oh no :D). This last wee tour's not been EPIC, it's been mostly smaller shows with some stadiums scattered through. I want EPIC. Last EPIC I did was with the band, I want to prove I can carry it off on my own. (Fucking hope I can, though. >.<)

Bowman's brilliant. :D :D :D I said I wanted one then Meg made me look after him for a whole day, shitty nappies and throwing up and all, trying to put me off, but it's not. I don't mind shit and sick, he's only wee, it's not like he's doing it on purpose. (Although I'm trying to train him to piss in Kirley's eye, because that'll be CLASS.) Still want one. Not really, though, because I bet they're only fun til you remember you're not allowed to give them back. I like looking after him, though. I'm good with babies! :D They love me. (Same mental age or something says Kirley, oh HA HA HA.) But Lennox and Maisie are being a bit grumpy because everybody's all over the baby so I told them they were allowed to come and stay this weekend... should tell Aidan and Aileen that, actually, in case they want to piss off for a dirty weekend or something, or at least hide anything they don't want scribbed on in felt pen.

UMMMMM what else? Nothing much. My mother's not talking to me 'cos she put weight on over Christmas and I didn't even though I chain-ate like I used to chain-smoke for about three weeks without a break which I don't think's very fair. DON'T HATE ME BECAUSE MY METABOLISM'S BETTER THAN YOURS! I didn't choose it!

*wraps up in coat and hat and scarf and gloves, grabs Dory's lead, yells to anybody in the house who might be listening* 'M TAKIN' DORY OUT, YOU WANNA COME?
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