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Thinking weird stuff. Dunno what. Kind of. Girls and stuff. Girlfriends. Don't want a girlfriend, I like snogging lots of people. But I don't want her to have a boyfriend. That's not fair, is it? So I was thinking horrible Valentine stuff, dunno, should take her out for dinner or something, but that's a bit full-on. :/ She might think she's my girlfriend then. But. I dunno. I wanted to get in, just in case some other fucker asks her out and she says yes.

My head's a mess.

It's well early, too. WEEKS away. I just got a panic, all suddenly.

Fucking well better not be in love, I'm not in the mood for that wank again.

ANYWAY. Birthday first! Dunno what I'm doing. Obviously I need a party, but I don't know what's going on.
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